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Hi all,
I am facing an issue with the cli below

siesta-5.5.0-standard/bin/webdriver http://localhost:1841/myApp/test/Siesta/test.html --include UT --coverage-report-format=HTML --coverage-report-dir report --browser=firefox --headless

Here is the error:

I can't understand why that's happening. It is used to work without any problem

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Any idea on the issue?

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In fact, a third-party library was used by one of developers in my team. I went deeper and figured it out. The library is

: with .js extension. It is just causes the error on generating report.
There is no problem when executing tests normally but report can't be generated . So, please consider those kind of issues in the next release.

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If its a 3rd-party library, it can be excluded from the coverage report using the --nyc.exclude command line option.

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