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I'm trying to use some features (free trial for now) and I would like to know if is possible disable this property "showOnHover" and the same time enable click on each event and display the tooltip.

I'm using the Scheduler 2.2.5.


Post by feeter09 »


I found this event "eventClick", so I disable the option eventTooltip.disable, and it works I was expected.

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Yes. This is exact you need.
Your code to reuse existing eventTooltip should be like this one.
This will disable tooltip only but not the whole feature.
let scheduler = new Scheduler({
    listeners : {
        eventClick : ({ eventElement }) => {
            const tooltip = scheduler.features.eventTooltip.tooltip;
            tooltip.activeTarget = eventElement;

scheduler.features.eventTooltip.tooltip.disabled = true;

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