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Dear Team,
We really need your support, We have a urgent request by client for Chart view.
Now We use viewPreset = 'weekAndDay' but it show all day in that week, Our Client only need show data between start date and end date. How can we make viewPreset is not grouped by week, Please your advice and support.
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You could set startDate and endDate for Scheduler to show the exact period.

In config
new Scheduler({

    startDate          : new Date(2019, 10, 1),
    endDate            : new Date(2019, 10, 11),
or in code
scheduler.startDate = new Date(2019, 10, 1);
scheduler.endDate = new Date(2019, 10, 11);

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i already put StartDate and EndDate in config.

for example i setup in config
startDate : new Date(2019, 10, 29),
endDate : new Date(2019, 11, 26),

but in calender show from 27 october 2019 , i dont need group by week ..

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Please try to use autoAdjustTimeAxis: false config option.

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Bryntum Gantt version 2.1.4 problem: I have made many changes. After clicking undo once, I found that both the undo and redo buttons have become disabled

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Hi brule,

Could you provide a testcase and describe your problem more detailed? Maybe try to reproduce this problem in one of our examples?


All the best,

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