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I'd like to report a bug: if we assign the event to a new resource and assign it back immediately, then we get "Uncaught InternalError: too much recursion" error.

How to reproduce:

  • open basic demo:
  • run in console:
    let e = scheduler.eventStore.getAt(0); e.set('resourceId', 'r2'); e.set('resourceId', 'r1');
    And then you can see the "Uncaught InternalError: too much recursion" error.


  • we're using Scheduler 4.2.5 with React,
  • if we use "await setAsync()", then it works


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Thanks for reporting!

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Is there any update? Thanks!

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Thank you for your question, we will consider it for 5.2.x release. Please subscribe to the ticket so that it will notify you when it fixes.

Best of luck :),

Best of luck,

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It seems it's fixed in SchedulerPro 5.2.1

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