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A former employee was in contact with you around a year ago. I've taken over from him and we are trying to go from manually managed engine packages to using NPM.

I've found a dependency of a mixin from the Gantt package, that was sent to us in 2020.

In the code we have made a mixin:

export class ExigoSchedulerProEvent extends Mixin(

The ConstrainedLateEventMixin and ScheduledByDependenciesLateEventMixin is from Gantt and i've been told schedulerPro can handle ALAP as well as ASAP when those are included.

We use this on the EventModel.js

export default class EventModel extends ExigoSchedulerProEvent.derive(TimeSpan).

We would like to know if its possible to add these two mixins to the SchedulerProEvent.ts.

Cheers Andreas @ Exigo

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Yes should be possible yet nobody tested that mode w/ Scheduler Pro so there might be surprises.

The code looks ok at quick glance. Just few notes:

  1. You subclass generic TimeSpan I'm not sure about that since I don't know your project details. Maybe you don't need anything from the standard Scheduler Pro EventModel and you try to rebuild it from scratch and then it's ok. Otherwise I would subclass EventModel instead. Something like this:
    export class MyEventModel extends ScheduledByDependenciesLateEventMixin.derive(EventModel) {};
  2. ConstrainedLateEventMixin is not needed since it's already extended by ScheduledByDependenciesLateEventMixin.

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Ah sorry I did not explain myself well enough, but those suggestions are nice. I'll implement those.

We already tested this and it works.

We would like to know if it can become part of the standard package as well, cause then we can rely 100% on npm. If not then we will continue with this practice :)


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We don't have plans on adding ALAP scheduling support to Scheduler Pro since it's not often requested. It's actually the very first time someone is asking about that. :)
So bringing there logic that won't be used by 99% of users sounds incorrect.

So in your case some code customization is inevitable I'm afraid. The NPM package ships all the needed sources so it should work fine. And if it's not let us know here on the forum and we'll try to assist.

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