Our state of the art Gantt chart

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Reproduced, ticket opened here: https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/3969 Thank you for report.

For a temporary workaround you can try this override for a private method:

import Override from 'Core/mixin/Override.js';
Override.apply(class {
  static get target() {
    return { class : AggregateColumn }

  getRawValue(record) {
    let value = 0;

    if (record.children) {
            me       = this,
            fn       = me.function,
            isMathFn = typeof fn === 'string' && typeof Math[fn] === 'function',
            } = isMathFn ? {
                handler : Math[fn],
                thisObj : Math
            } : me.resolveCallback(fn);

        for (let i = 0, { length } = record.children; i < length; i++) {
            value = handler.call(thisObj, value, me.getRawValue(record.children[i]));
        record[me.field] = value;
    else {
        value = record[this.field];
    return value;

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This seems to have been fixed recently. However if a column is no visible then this does not work. This should work on any columns being used in the gantt.

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This does not seem to be working if the column is not in the view. Can we modify so it works for all columns being used in the gantt

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Could you please describe what do you mean "not in the view"? Filtered, not rendered, scrolled out?

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