Support for v6.x of our Scheduling components

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We are using Bryntum backword scheduling functionality. We are facing issue when Project is ScheduleBackwards=true and ConstraintType=assoonaspossible.
after loading ganttchart, without modifying anything, we are getting some unsaved changes in crud which are not committed.(Constraint Type and constraint date)

We want to support this cross configuration in our application, Please let me know how can we achieve this?

Bryntum Version: 6.1.7
Sencha Version:
Browser: Any


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Please provide a runnable test case to reproduce the issue or exact steps how we can reproduce this on some of our demos.

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I tried by modifing your advance example. Modified load.json , Project node data as per screenshot attached.
Modified ScheduleBackwards=true
Added ConstraintType=assoonaspossible
When I run this example with modified laod.json, constraint type is not coming in UI "Constraint type" column.
Whereas if I keep ScheduleBackwards=true & ConstraintType=aslateaspossible, It shows up in UI.

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Why do you apply the constraint to a Project? What do you want to achieve by doing this?
The field is not even listed in the class docs:!/api/Gnt.model.Project

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