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We are experiencing problems in Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste functionalities on Odoo v14.

It is not possible to rearrange the order of tasks by Drag&Drop feature. I guess this is also reported in a previous thread (viewtopic.php?f=58&t=20764) for Odoo v15. I would like to report it for Odoo v14 also. From your reply to the thread above, a fix is on the way for the next week probably, but I would like to know whether is it possible to change the order of tasks by other means.

Another issue occurs when we copy and paste a subtree in the WBS. Copying and pasting after selecting a parent task and all it descendants results in orphan descendant tasks (parent task information is lost, they are placed in the 2nd level of task hierarchy below the main project node). The same result can be reproduced on demo site.

After pasting, things seem ok, but the WBS numbering becomes awkward:

A refreshing results in the following final state:

Thank you for your diligent efforts.

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Already reported. We have a ticket open for it.

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Thank you for your reply Terence.

Should I suppose that the Copy&Paste problem is also covered in the same ticket issue?

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Not sure. We will check.

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Fixed in release 1.3.4.

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Hi Terence,

Thank you for your update.

I had a quick look on the new version. Drag&Drop errors are solved, however Copy&Paste error still exists. Assuming you have the latest version (1.3.4) on your demo site (, I have prepared the following video that shows the parental problems occurring during Copy&Paste.

Thank you in advance.

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I see. Copy paste was initially not supported in the Odoo module but the option showed up in the menu.

I have created a ticket. We can decide to strip the feature.

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Dear support,

I have the same problem with copy and paste in the Odoo 15 CE version, in my experience this functionality is very useful because it reduces the time in the planning stage in tasks included in other deliverables in the same project.

But it would be great to allow copy and paste tasks in the other project as well, this suggestion is much appreciated.

Please consider keeping this functionality is very appreciated

Best regards,


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That is an upvote for this feature. We will put it on our list!

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This ticket should be resolved now in version 2.0.2

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