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I am following the tutorial in https://www.bryntum.com/docs/scheduler/guide/Scheduler/quick-start/angular.

In https://www.bryntum.com/docs/scheduler/guide/Scheduler/quick-start/angular#step-4---configure-the-scheduler-component

the following is indicated for src/app/app.component.ts

import { BryntumSchedulerComponent, BryntumProjectModelComponent } from '@bryntum/scheduler-angular';

Unfortunately I run into this error:

Error: projects/rms/src/app/app.component.ts:2:37 - error TS2724: '"@bryntum/scheduler-angular"' has no exported member named 'BryntumProjectModelComponent'. Did you mean 'BryntumProjectComboComponent'?

Is it ok to replace BryntumProjectModelComponent with BryntumProjectComboComponent?

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It's a bug. Please remove the BryntumProjectModelComponent from the import. It's not even used. It'll be fixed ASAP.

Good Luck :),

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thx tasnim. worked.
note: I missed that the import was unused :|

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Please track this issue for a bug fix

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