Error monitoring tool for recording videos & screenshots of user sessions

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We'd like to pause the error monitoring system when a user enters their password. As per the logger API ( We have used functions pause() and resume() but it still renders the complete info to RootCause.

Also in the documentation, pause() mentions 'Resumes the error monitoring' and resume() mentions 'Pauses the error monitoring' in their description. Using both functions in different orders still does not make the logger to be paused.

Is there any other function that can be used to temporarily pause the RootCause monitoring?


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Adding - the main issue is that the key strokes are recorded when the user types in their password in the sign-in page and in the Change Password window. The passwords are properly masked (****) so we can't see them except in the Timeline portion of the Root Cause. We need to not see them there, either. What is the easy way to prevent that specific text entry from being captured?

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Try instead:

// before secret things

// resume

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Hi Mats,

logger.recorder.stop(); seems to completely halt the video recording even when logger.recorder.start() is executed. The user inputs are successfully paused and resumed but the video is not captured post executing logger.recorder.start()

Is there a function available to resume the video capture after using the stop()?


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Looks like there's a bug with stopping and restarting video recording, try overriding the stopVideoRecording method to be

stopVideoRecording : function () {
        var me              = this

    if (me.videoDurationTimeout) {

    if (me.mirrorProducer) {

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Thanks Mats, it is working well with this addition.


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