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Is there a way to refresh calendar view?

The color of the events are changing while I am tryin to change events dynamically.

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You should never have to refresh the calendar manually. Can you please share some more context on what you are trying to achieve?

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Hi mats,

I have been trying to change the events dynamically based on the text filter.

trying to filter evenets based on subject
trying to filter evenets based on subject
text filter subject.PNG (51.94 KiB) Viewed 1321 times

Now I have typed a text which is not matching with any event

step 2 non matching text.PNG
step 2 non matching text.PNG (50.12 KiB) Viewed 1321 times

Next I have typed text in step1, event loaded but with different color(grey).

event color changed.PNG
event color changed.PNG (51.22 KiB) Viewed 1321 times

I am thinking if there is any way I can refresh view to regain the event color

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Sounds a bit like you're looking for a highlight feature, as showcased here? https://bryntum.com/products/scheduler/examples/filtering/

You can inspect how that's done in the Scheduler sample sources:

 tbar : [
            type                 : 'textfield',
            ref                  : 'highlight',
            placeholder          : 'Highlight tasks',
            clearable            : true,
            keyStrokeChangeDelay : 100,
            triggers             : {
                filter : {
                    align : 'start',
                    cls   : 'b-fa b-fa-search'
            onChange({ value }) {
                scheduler.eventStore.forEach(task => {
                    const taskClassList = new DomClassList(task.cls);

                if (value !== '' && task.name.toLowerCase().includes(value.toLowerCase())) {
                else {

                task.cls = taskClassList.value;

            scheduler.element.classList[value.length > 0 ? 'add' : 'remove']('b-highlighting');

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Hey Mats,

The event is already highlighted based on event type.

meetingType: Array<CalendarResouce> = [
      name: 'All Calendar entries',
      eventColor: '#7498BF',
      id: 6,
      name: 'Analyst/Consultant Meeting',
      eventColor: '#8A8E2B',
      id: 1,
      name: 'Company Visit',
      eventColor: '#958BBF',
      id: 2,
      name: 'Conference',
      eventColor: '#C67A9E',
      id: 3,
      name: 'Group',
      eventColor: '#7C9D7C',
      id: 4,
      name: 'One on One',
      eventColor: '#DBAA5A',
      id: 5,
      name: 'Other',
      eventColor: '#AA5051',
      id: ResourceIds.UNDEFINED_RESOURCE_ID,
      name: 'Undefined',
      eventColor: '#AAAAAA',
      id: ResourceIds.MY_MEETINGS_ID,
      name: 'My Meetings',
      eventColor: '#6871C1',
events highlighted.PNG
events highlighted.PNG (60.95 KiB) Viewed 1315 times

but when try to use filters on events, the event color is changing, turned to green.

event turned green.PNG
event turned green.PNG (56.69 KiB) Viewed 1315 times

If I reload again event getting right color, SO I thought if there is a way to refresh Calendar UI to regain right color.

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Could you please share your code? It's not clear how did highlight events, as well how did you filter events.
I tested here https://bryntum.com/products/calendar/examples/basic/
It has colours defined for events and filter textfield that I tried to type and see if events change color after filtering.

All the best,

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