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Hi Team,
I am trying to sort the records of Gantt chart based on a column by default whenever a Gantt chart is loaded. When the user selects sorting on another column, I am trying to store that sorter in a cache and passing that to sorter value in Store. It looks like that is not working as expected. Can you please help me in understanding how I can achieve that.

const customStore= new Store({
      sorters: this.customConfig.sorters,

Ganttchart :

new Gantt({
	store : this.customStore,



It contains an array of object with keys as
ascending: boolean;
field: string;

Note: I was referring to this document when I am trying to fix that

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Instead of creating a custom store, please try adding the sorter with https://bryntum.com/products/gantt/docs/api/Gantt/data/TaskStore#function-addSorter

This should help

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That works. Thank you

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