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RANSW team would like to request a new feature be added to the core solution for SchedulerPro

Business problem:

Currently when displaying a resource availability the view is restricted per the attachment below

Current Production - SB Multilocation Resource.png
Current Production - SB Multilocation Resource.png (119.96 KiB) Viewed 3736 times

RANSW has requested a change via our partner BrennanIT to incorporate the following functional requirements....


1. Changes are required to all the RANSW schedule boards:

2. Include as part of the Territory (location) master data, a field that holds the scheduleboard display setting for the Territory; or where appropriate (make is configurable per location)

3. Enable the scheduleboard to display the availabilities and include an obvious visual tag (e.g. different colours, symbols) to denote the location of the availability.

4. Ensure the visual tags/display is accessibility friendly (eg. vision impaired)

5. Users must be able to visually identify availabilities belonging to a specific location where one or more bookable resources have more than 1 location specific availability.

Our partner has been able to get the solution configured to achieve the following look and function

Current Test - SB Multilocation Resource.png
Current Test - SB Multilocation Resource.png (121.37 KiB) Viewed 3736 times

This has partially delivered #2 but have been unable to achieve #3, #4 and #5 above due to the current limitation in the system related to the scheduler schema core code. It is RANSW understanding from Brennan that ....

  • The schema has multiple nodes, resource and calendar – and can only call on start and end dates.

  • Location data however is linked only to the resource. So therefore cannot merge territory and location data for multiple locations.

  • RA confirms that all practitioners have at least two locations (online + one physical centre), with a handful of practitioners having three. Currently, RA users (admin) are having to toggle between various pages to determine practitioner availability and patterns

  • Note to also update the notation field with location information, which will reduce one layer of search for the end users, however would still need to toggle to a different area to obtain timeframes

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All the above should be possible to implement using our existing API. If you'd like our help to implement this we can offer this as part of our Professional Services. Please contact sales [at] bryntum for a quote and then we can discuss the details on a call.

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