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I tried to install Gantt View Pro 2.1.1 on Odoo community 14, which resulted in multiple errors.

I found a fix for the most obvious errors - see
Unfortunately I didn't receive any feedback yet on this issue.

While testing further we discovered more issues.

Microsoft Project exports can not be imported by Microsoft Project, because the XML contains multiple calendars with the same name.

Planning of resources fails with "Synchronization of data failed" Server response "'resource.resource' object has no attribute 'employee_id'"

How can I get a stable version for Odoo community 14?

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Hi dani,
We are working on this issue will update this soon

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We are working for a customer, which has bought bryntum_gantt-
We tried to install it and stuck in same problem then described above:

  1. a lot of: Element '<xpath expr="//field[@name='user_ids']">' cannot be located in parent view
  2. ValueError: External ID not found in the system: project.view_project_task_pivot_inherit

Here you find the log and what we've done:

After some work, we are able to install it...
But next error: Create Task > TypeError: create() missing 1 required positional argument: 'vals'

Details you see in above log.

Any hint, fix or new version?
Where can my customer download latest module version?
In Odoo store change log is informing about 2.0.9 ?!?

Thanks in advance for your help and reply.


Module Errors - 20231109.log
(43.87 KiB) Downloaded 40 times

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You can download latest from Odoo directly, your customer should have access to it. Please try and see if this fixes it?

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got a latest version from my customer.. still same version in manifest.. but it solves normal creation of task +1

two things, i would optimize in the code, just if you want optimize it...
(1) mod name not needed in id, we are in the mod
<record id="bryntum_gantt.project_task_view_form" model="ir.ui.view">

(2) @class is deprecated... use hasclass
<xpath expr="//kanban//div[@class='oe_kanban_bottom_right']"
better, as before:
<xpath expr="//kanban//div[hasclass('oe_kanban_bottom_right')]"

in py code.. just found some "too many blank" lines warnings ;) as my pycharm works basd on PEP8..

So far.. so good ;)



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sure we will see them.

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