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Hi, in continuation of this topic: viewtopic.php?p=134190#p134190

I need to display information about a resource for the current scroll position in the gantt, thus im using the horizontalscroll event.
But i can only pass this event handler to the listeners config object, i would like to know how to pass it to the React wrapper like the other event handlers and couldnt find any information about this event in the documentation.

In the other topic you mentioned there's a task to include it in the docs. the task is closed but i cant find it anywhere in the docs.

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Hey ofirk,

I reopened that task to add the proper documentation for horizontal scroll events. Please watch the ticket for updates.

Best regards,

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Thanks !

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Just want to bump this for our use case. We have a desire to hide elements we float over the grid. We use salesforce LWC's and just want to know when the grid horizontally scrolls.

Wary of using anything not documented.

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Sorry for the wait, we'll get this added now.

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