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Hello, team!

This is not a product feature request, but a forum feature request.

Correct me if I am wrong, but at the moment I don't seem to find a subscribe/watch feature on a forum topic that I am not the creator of.

This would be very useful. One of my coworkers might ask a question that I am also interested in, and there is no way for me to follow that topic, apart from manually opening it from time to time.


Post by marcio »

Hey Serghei,

Thanks for sharing your input. I passed this to our team to check if that implementation is something that we can add shortly to our forums.

You can share a message like "+1" or "I'm looking into this too" After you add any message to the topic, you'll be notified of any update by email. :)

Best regards,

Post by scebotari66 »

Thanks for the workaround, marcio!

Hopefully this will be an out of the box feature of the forums.

For a high interest topic, scrolling through a lot of +1 comments would not be very pleasant 🙂

Post by ghulam.ghous »

We understand your concern. Let's see that if it is easy to implement. Fingers crossed!

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