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I have a component with a scheduler and a dialog.
My dialog contains an input text
In this scenario I'm not able to use keyborad arrows to edit input in my dialog.

EditInDialogInAngularComponentithScheduler.PNG (76.57 KiB) Viewed 81 times

If I use the same dialog in onother component without scheduler I dont have any problem.
I suppose that keydown event is intercepted by scheduler, could be true?

I tried to use code to handle keyboard event and set to null for arrows but it doesn't work in my case.

const scheduler = new Scheduler({
    // These shortcuts comes from Grid, but works on the Grid region of the Scheduler.
    keyMap: {      
// Removes mappings for arrow keys. ArrowUp : null, ArrowLeft : null, ArrowDown : null, ArrowRight : null } });

Is there another way to remove keyboard handlers from scheduler

Can you suggest me an idea to solve this problem?

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It's difficult to say what's wrong without debugging the issue. Would it be possible to upload a runnable test case here for us so we can run it locally and debug your issue?

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