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We recently developed a new feature in bryntum scheduler 5.6.4 where we programmatically trigger a refresh of the headers using: this.scheduler.timeAxisColumn.refreshHeader();

We also have an upgrade branch where we try to move to the latest version (5.6.11) but there we now encounter an issue with the merge of this new feature. It throws the following stacktrace on the developer console:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'isRoot')
at get region [as region] (scheduler.module.js:81574:22)
at SubGrid.<anonymous> (scheduler.module.js:108471:52)
at scheduler.module.js:107055:32
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at Scheduler.eachSubGrid (scheduler.module.js:107054:16)
at Scheduler.bufferedAfterColumnsResized [as bufferedAfterColumnsResizedNow] (scheduler.module.js:108470:10)
at Scheduler.<anonymous> (scheduler.module.js:13794:27)
at Scheduler.invoker (scheduler.module.js:13134:11)
at scheduler.module.js:13456:11
at J.<computed> (web-component.polyfills.js?v=
ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'isRoot')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'isRoot')
at get region [as region] (scheduler.module.js:81574:22)
at Scheduler.getSubGridFromColumn (scheduler.module.js:107126:35)
at get subGrid [as subGrid] (scheduler.module.js:81682:71)
at TimeAxisColumn.onViewModelUpdate (scheduler.module.js:136112:10)
at TimeAxisViewModel.trigger (scheduler.module.js:7357:34)
at TimeAxisViewModel.update (scheduler.module.js:113734:10)
at TimeAxisColumn.refreshHeader (scheduler.module.js:136143:43)
at scheduler.component.ts:159:39
at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
at asyncGeneratorStep (asyncToGenerator.js:3:1)
at ke (web-component.polyfills.js?v=
at web-component.polyfills.js?v=
at web-component.polyfills.js?v=
at asyncGeneratorStep (asyncToGenerator.js:6:1)
at _next (asyncToGenerator.js:22:1)
at asyncToGenerator.js:27:1
at new t (web-component.polyfills.js?v=
at asyncToGenerator.js:19:1
at SchedulerComponent.ngOnChanges (scheduler.component.ts:161:6)
at SchedulerComponent.Qy (node_modules_angular_core_fesm2022_core_mjs-8eb2ada5.js:1:45683)

I think this error occures from 5.6.7 onwards... any idea what is going wrong?

Kind regards, Jeroen.

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Hey Jeroen,

Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please provide a runnable test case for us to debug? By only looking at the error it is difficult to tell you exactly what's causing that issue.

You can get more info on that by checking our guidelines here https://www.bryntum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=772

Best regards,

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I've solved it... bryntum scheduler does not like changes passed thought the bindings... initialization is ok but as soon as there is a change it should be applied through the store (in my case the presetStore). Else you get traces like stated above. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature :-D

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