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Hi Support,

Let's say my code is like below.

const values = getValues()

The above values is like values = {value: 5, startdate: DD MM YYYY, enddate: DD MM YYYY}

I need to populate these values in scheduler pro. How?


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Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please explain a bit further about your use-case? And what you mean by populating values in shcedulerPro?

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Hi tasnim,

Consider below example

Schedulerpro.PNG (85.26 KiB) Viewed 67 times

Let's say my

values = {value:5, startdate: aug 2016, enddate:sep 2016}

I need to show the value 5 for Rob(name in above attachment) in aug and sep rows of him. Hope this gives clarity.


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If I understood correctly, you want to set the start and end date of the scheduler pro
To achieve it, you could use https://bryntum.com/products/schedulerpro/docs/api/SchedulerPro/view/SchedulerPro#function-setTimeSpan

schedulerPro.setTimeSpan(startDate, endDate)

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

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