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After call to ResourceStore.load() (and no change happening, the resources stay the same) the loaded events disappear from the Scheduler. This was not the case in v5.6.11

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Could you please share the steps how to run you application? In frontend I tried with npm run dev but getting this error.

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What version of node are you using?

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Try configuring the project like this:

project : {
    resourceStore : {
        syncDataOnLoad : true

Change your resourceStore to have the property syncDataOnLoad set to true. See if that fixes it.

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@Animal setting resourceStore.syncDataOnLoad to true seem to workaround the issue. Though, I cannot imagine that the observed behavior with the resourceStore.syncDataOnLoad: false is by design.

@tasnim seems to be some weird issue with rollup on windows, try npm i @rollup/rollup-win32-x64-msvc and run again

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I've reproduced this behavior in SchedulerPro and created a ticket to fix:


Thank you for reporting this to us.


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Thank you!

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