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Post by rakshith.snps »

In Scheduler Pro (5.6.6), The View presets timeResolution Increments are not respecting the calendar non available time range (Break times).
(I.E If I drop events on a break time that corresponds to the next timeResolution increment of the event, the event does not readjust itself and just starts in the non available time)

Note :
(i) We use custom timeResolutions for viewpresets. (the details of the viewpresets can be found below)
(ii) When I checked, This problem occurs from 6 hour view preset onwards (6 hours, 1 day, 1 week ...) It didn't occur for 2 hour, 1 hour presets.

Error Details

View Preset Time Resolution Details

 weekAndDay {
timeResolution: {
      unit: 'hour',
      increment: 6,

hourAndDay-64by40 (6 hours) {
timeResolution : {
    unit: 'hour'
    increment : 3


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Calendar Data

    "id": "a0NHy00000Ac9ekMAB",
    "intervals": [
        "isWorking": false,
        "recurrentEndDate": "at 08:00",
        "recurrentStartDate": "at 18:00"
        "isWorking": false,
        "recurrentEndDate": "at 16:00",
        "recurrentStartDate": "at 15:00"
    "name": "a0NHy00000Ac9ekMAB",
    "unspecifiedTimeIsWorking": true


Bryntum Version

Bug Display

UMGANTT-2034-2.gif (881.34 KiB) Viewed 130 times

In the Above display, the resource orders timeResolution increment is 3 hours and viewPreset is set to 6 hours.

So Lets say the order moves like this.
-> 9:00 am -> 12:00 pm -> 15:00 pm ....

And lets say the break time is 15:00 pm to 16:00pm.
Now when I move the event to 15:00pm it just drops there without readjusting itself.

I would like to know why this happens and if this is a bug from the library.

Post by Maxim Gorkovsky »

As far as I can tell, it happens because your tasks are manually scheduled. Auto scheduled tasks do get dropped on a working time only, but manually scheduled tasks ignore practically everything to allow task to be put anywhere on a timeline.

I've attached modified advanced demo with your dataset and view preset. First task is not manually scheduled and when you move it around it drops on the working time only. Other tasks are manual, therefore they ignore calendar settings.
Please try it out and see if you can modify the demo in a way to reproduce your problem.

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Post by rakshith.snps »

Hi Maxim, Thanks I was able to confirm what you said.

However, this problem only occurs in scheduler but it does not occur in gantt.
in gantt, the tasks start date respects the constraints of break time even if manuallyScheduled is true.

do you know why this is?

Post by ghulam.ghous »


I have checked in the schedulerPro as well. But I was not able to repro the issue there. Can you please try upgrading version and check if the problem still exists for you. You can also check here in our online example and see if the problem reproduces for you? I have observed the same behaviour as mentioned by Maxim earlier.


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