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We’re currently looking for:
ExtJS / JavaScript Developer

Summary: You will help develop and maintain our Sencha-based components and make sure they keep pushing the limits of what can be done in the browser. You will be involved in every aspect of product development, adding features, documenting code, fixing bugs, supporting our forum users etc.

Conditions: This is a telecommute position, you will be working remotely. But it is considered "full time" - you are expected to be online 8 hours per day. We offer competitive compensation, depending on experience and delivered results.

Technical skills wish list:
  • 3+ years experience with JavaScript, 1+ year experience either with Ext JS or Sencha Touch.
  • Experience in creating custom ExtJS / Sencha Touch components
  • Ext JS v4+ experience
  • Knowledge of browser quirks, and aware of that IE is not like the rest of the gang.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Not afraid of CSS
  • Perl, PHP or other scripting language experience is a plus
Other required skills:
  • Good English skills (at least written) and good will to improve them.
  • Positive attitude to work.
  • Responsibility
To apply Please send you resume (in English) to nickolay@bryntum.com

Thank you.

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