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I recently found Siesta which is a great tool for testing extjs applications. I like the solution using js to develop test script. It gives developer full control of the extjs applications being tested.

Just want to give it a go to use it to test traditional website. So just set up a very simple sceanrio including two pages:
Login.html and Success.html. Login.html includes a link to simply jump to Success.html

I setup the a testcase to simulate a click to the link which is straight forward and works fine. While I try to retrieve the DOM in Success.html page I found I couldn't access to it even the current page showing is actually the Success.html page in DOM panel. And even more interesting, I can still access the DOM of Login.html page.

I guess Siesta doesn't reload the DOM when the page's redirected.

Maybe Siesta doesn't designed to test these traditional websites.

Can anyone give me a bit idea?


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Testing whole sites is possible, but limited to the same-origin policy, so you can only test it while all pages are on the same domain. It is also available only in the Standard package. More details here:!/guide ... ge_testing

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Good to know there's an option, just had a brief look at the sample, a bit more effort than I thought though. Anyway I will try that out later.

Just wondering if it's possible to have a config option like "always refer to the current DOM context" which means if page's reload/redirect, DOM will be reload and js always refer to the DOM loaded from redirected page.

I know it's very rare for RIA application, but if a refresh/redirect has to happen, test script developer should always aware of the old DOM's gone which is exactly the same behavior in a browser, so I don't see any wrong doing load the redirected page in.

The benefit of this is customers can use this great tool to test both RIA and Traditional html pages website. In real life, projects might use a mixed solution, especially when we need to handle legacy systems.

Well, just a thought. Personally I really want to use Siesta for both RIA and traditional websites.


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Sure, we too. In theory we could replace the global variables "window/document/location/navigator" etc in the context of test script with those from the context of test page. But in terms of JavaScript test script will still remains attached to the initial scope.

We'll try investigate the possibilities here.

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Thanks a lot. Hope this feature will be available some stage down the road. Cheers.

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Sure. Will try. Thanks.

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