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We are building a project level hierarchy using gantt-chart which will have multiple milestones on a single task. Currently, we are able to get single Milestone and event progress bar.

We are getting a challenge to have multiple milestones for the same task. Attached the screenshot of the outcome and what we have got as off now.

Thanks in Advance :)
singleMileStone_in Green.PNG
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What you're looking for is the 'Rollup' feature. Mark a milestone as 'Rollup : true' and it'll be shown inside its parent. See it shown in the 'advanced' demo:

https://www.bryntum.com/examples/gantt- ... vanced/#en

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Thanks Mats, for your quick reply, tried 'Rollup' no good luck in that.

Also In our case, each level hierarchy will have it's on multiple milestones, we don't have to show the child level to single parent level!!!.

Attaching our sample JSON structure as of now maybe you can suggest better to us.

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Ok, well try again : ) It's the feature you are looking for. Attaching a working sample you can unzip into /examples folder (just update links to your Ext JS library).
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Thanks Mats, for the sample code that helps us to get Rollup, attached the below screenshot from our app. But it is not fulfilling our requirement.

With the implementation of Rollup=true, our level 3 rows are getting Milestone too!!!.
And if we are trying to put some duration for level 3 then at level 2 or level 1 are getting progress bar !!!.

Is there any alternative to have children which do not appear in left side tree view and only show to its parent level

1) We have to form multiple Milestone at level one and level two (could have different dates).
2) Level 3 will have only progress activity bar. No Milestone in level 3.
3) Attaching our sample app which needs below following steps,
i) npm install
ii) node server.js
iii) localhost:8080/#/home
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Sorry, it's not quite clear what you need. Can you post a screenshot of your desired UI?

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Please find the below attached the desired UI, here in level 1 and level two we will have to show multiple milestones (dates could differ on both levels).

At level 3 only progress bar will appear with the resource associated with them, no milestone on level 3.
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So, in your UI where are the tasks that are rolling up? In our gantt data model, you set a Rollup attribute true - meaning the immediate parent task will render a rollup icon. Will this meet your need?

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The above post attachment in the yellow highlighted, we have tried with the Rollup=true, but it is generating the inline Milestone and with Rollup= true, it is going to its parent also.

So, is there anyway, the child should not generate inline milestone and only get Rollup to parent level, also it should not appear on left side tree.

What we were thinking is to update our JSON in such a way to put all milestone with Rollup=true in their childeren. So that it will move on parent level, but now our blocker is that, a) It is coming to its own row as well as to parent (b) Also it is coming in left tree stru :)

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any suggestion on this for us!!!, Thanks in advance :)

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